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"Taking time out to feel good is the greatest gift you can give yourself, and in turn,

allows you to give your best self to those you love."

                                                                                                                     --Lestina Trainor



Several years ago my life unceremoniously imploded and came crashing down around me. It was shocking, hurtful, and devastating to say the least. In the midst of all the chaos, I made an impulsive and almost reckless--seeming decision to "take a time out" and go away on a retreat. 

That decision saved me. Getting away from my everyday life allowed me to press pause on my overwhelm and gave me space to reconnect with myself, listen to my inner voice, and most importantly, to feel good.


I came home transformed; with clarity, renewed confidence in myself, and brimming with positive energy---all allowing me to get un-stuck and to thrive again.

It was in the aftermath of my amazing, transformational experience that I founded 

Ivy Indigo Retreats with the intention of helping other women feel their best as well.


Of course, there's no need for your life to implode in order to benefit from a retreat!


Everyday stresses build up in all of our lives and adversely affect our mood and our health


Simply pressing pause and taking a break to get away and feel good fills us up, balances us, and immediately makes us into better, healthier versions of ourselves.

I sincerely look forward to hosting you on an upcoming retreat. 


Your wellness is everything...honor that. 



a little more about me...

I live to host.


I was so fortunate to share my Connecticut farm with hundreds of guests over almost 20 years.

I loved that people flocked to my home for rejuvenation & retreating, and utilized it as a bucolic venue for gatherings large and small. Fundraisers, weddings, reunions, holiday feasts, pool parties, slumber parties, showers, impromptu dinners galore--whatever the occasion, I was always psyched to put it all together and to host!


My other passion is travel and playing host--on--the road. I have curated dozens of memorable group excursions throughout the Caribbean, South America, Hawaii, Europe, and the continental United States. 

Although I am a licensed attorney and practiced law in the past, my greatest super--power and joy has always been gathering people together for the express purpose of feeling good.